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Portrait of Philippe Heinzke

Philippe Heinzke, LL.M.


CMS Hasche Sigle
Kasernenstraße 43-45
40213 Duesseldorf
Languages German, English

Philippe specializes in IP and data protection law.

His practice focuses on legal advise in the technical field. He advises on the protection of intellectual property, with a particular focus on licensing and patent law. He has negotiated and successfully concluded numerous project, license and software agreements. His clients include international corporations and medium-sized companies, whom he advises on legal issues relating to copyright, secrecy law and projects in difficulties. As team member of the CMS equIP program, he also works with selected start-ups.

Philippe is an expert in Open Source law. He has analyzed over a hundred open source licenses, works closely with IT partners to identify open source software and is the contact person at CMS for Open Chain, a standard to foster open source compliance in companies. In the event of infringements of open source licenses, he develops solution strategies and represents clients in and out of court in cases of disputes.

Philippe has extensive knowledge of the GDPR and represents clients before data protection authorities and in court. He is widely experienced in negotiating complex data protection agreements, especially in the structuring of data flows in global corporations. Further areas of his expertise are the implementation of business processes, IT systems and websites in compliance with data protection regulations as well as employee data protection.

Philippe joined CMS in 2013 and was seconded to the IT outsourcing department at Hewlett Packard Enterprises in 2015. Prior to joining CMS, he worked in multiple IT companies at the interface between technology and law, most recently as a software developer.

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Leading lawyer for IT law and contract law

Kanzleimonitor 2020, 2021

Listed as top 100 lawyer

Kanzleimonitor 2020, 2021

„verhandelt souverän, professionell und lösungsorientiert“

Mandant, internationaler Technologiekonzern, 2020

Recommended lawyer for IT law

Kanzleimonitor 2019, 2020

„exzellente Unterstützung“

Mandant, globales Technologieunternehmen, 2019

"very experienced in IT and data protection"

Mandant, IT-Start-up, 2018

„immer zuverlässig“

Mandant, internationaler Mischkonzern, 2018

Memberships & Roles

  • German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR)
  • Licensing Executives Society (LES) - Deutsche Landesgruppe e.V. (German member society of LESI)
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  • Author of various contributions to the CMS Blog and Lexology
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Lectures list

  • "Update IT- und Datenschutzrecht", SThree Executive Event, 25.02.2021
  • "Der Schutz von Geschaeftsmodellen", Startplatz Accelerator, 05.02.2021
  • "The Protection of Business Models", Startplatz Duesseldorf, 11.08.2020
  • "Key Note: Das Loeschen im Datenschutzrecht", Information Day GDPR, 06.02.2020, Stuttgart
  • "Datenschutz für chinesische Unternehmen", Roadshow Datenschutz für chinesische Unternehmen, Duesseldorf, 05.06.2019
  • "Open Source Compliance", SThree, Duesseldorf, 22.05.2019
  • "Impulsvortrag 'Open Source Compliance'", Coaching Day des Berufsverbands der Compliance Manager (BCM), Duesseldorf, 19.10.2018
  • "Herausforderung Open Source Compliance", Computerfutures, Duesseldorf, 18.01.2018
  • "Herausforderungen durch Digitalisierung", Commercial Roadshow, Duesseldorf, 17/11/2016
  • "Open Source – Freie Software für alle?", Compliance Roadshow, Duesseldorf, 02/11/2016
  • "Know-how-Schutz: Neuerungen. Risiken. Loesungen.", Know-how-Schutz im Unternehmen, Duesseldorf, 07/09/2016
  • "Datenkrake Internet – Warum Sie das Netz (nicht) vergisst", IP-Tea 1/2015, Duesseldorf
  • "Big Data – bigger legal problems?", Bitkom BigData Summit 2014, Hanau
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  • 2014: LL.M in Media Law
  • 2013: Second state examination in law and admitted as a qualified German lawyer
  • 2012: Degree (Diplom Sozialwirt) in business studies, business psychology and sociology
  • 2010: First state examination in law
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